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Explosion of fun

2011-09-16 01:09:15 by Moshlinghunterdoom

Hello again.There is a new contest."Best Minecraft explosion ever".Go on minecraft creative mode,use fraps to record it,post it on youtube and tell me what you call it.Good-bye for now.


2011-09-14 02:18:51 by Moshlinghunterdoom

Hello,this is my first post.I would like you all to know that I am making a little contest.First,post the funniest jokes you can think of.I will check every month on my posts.Every month,I will choose a winner for that month's category,such as:October is darkest joke.Then I will post one of my "lol joke certificates" on their page.Also,September is juiciest but funny real news,from tabloids,newspapers,whatever.Have fun,and remember,I'm not forcing you to and there's no competition.